Bromantic Singing: Madrigals and Authenticity

By: (Andrew Dell’Antonio, University of Texas at Austin) // It’s been a common schtick among music history teachers to tell our students that sixteenth-century Italian and English madrigals are not the wholesome, jolly songs about shepherds, nymphs, and fa la la they learned to sing in high school. Ultimately, they’re about sex. Amused at having … Continue reading Bromantic Singing: Madrigals and Authenticity

The Innovations of Ruth Crawford Seeger

By: Kendra Leonard (Loveland, OH) // What does it mean to be a “female composer”? Even today, in our music history books, women who compose music are often called out because of their gender; in some books, women hardly even get mentioned at all. The reason isn’t because we don’t know much about women who … Continue reading The Innovations of Ruth Crawford Seeger